Voice Alarm

New Honeywell Voice Alarm
Voice Alarm is increasingly important in the safe management of buildings. A voice message informs occupants exactly what to do in an emergency and it is a long established fact that people respond more quickly and are more likely to take the correct action during an evacuation if voice messages are used instead of tone sounders.
Stand Alone Systems
An easy-to-install VA/PA solution. Suitable for small to medium buildings.
Custom Made
Need an advanced VA/PA solution for your building? Our custom made rack systems cater for all types of buildings. Suitable for medium to large sites.
Scalable Systems
Our VA/PA systems can be networked together to deliver the most comprehensive and powerful solution for a wide range of applications. Suitable for large and complex sites.
Honeywell's full range of loudspeakers complies with BS5839 part 8 and EN54 part 24.