Voice Alarm

The Honeywell range of loudspeakers are fully compliant to BS5839 part 8 and EN54 part 24 to ensure high reliability and excellent performance in even extreme conditions, such as fire. Honeywell loudspeakers provide you with a full range enabling optimal acoustics in all types of commercial applications.
Product Range
  • 5" and 6.5" Ceiling Loudspeaker
  • 6W Cabinet Loudspeaker
  • 10W and 20W Unidirectional Projection Loudspeaker
  • 20W Bidirectional Projection Loudspeaker
  • 20W and 40W Column Loudspeaker
Ceiling Loudspeakers
6W Ceiling Loudspeaker 5"
6W Ceiling Loudspeaker 6.5"
These type of loudspeakers are ideal for open plan offices with false (suspended) ceilings.
Cabinet Loudspeakers
A 6W Cabinet Loudspeaker provides general coverage within a room of limited size.
Projector Loudspeakers
10W Unidirectional Projection Loudspeaker
20W Unidirectional projection Loudspeaker
Projectors are more directional than cabinet loudspeakers but have better musicality than a horn.
Bidirectional Loudspeakers
20W Bidirectional Loudspeaker ideal for open areas with high ceilings such as retail units.
Column Loudspeakers
Column loudspeakers consist of a number of drive units arranged in a vertical pattern and are usually confined to sound reinforcement applications rather than distributed P.A. systems.
Horn Loudspeaker
The high-performance 15W voice alarm horn loudspeaker provides a broad frequency response range, low distortion and high sound pressure level for accurate and intelligible broadcast of announcements.
Stand Alone Systems
An easy-to-install VA/PA solution. Suitable for small to medium buildings.
Custom Made
Need an advanced VA/PA solution for your building? Our custom made rack systems cater for all types of buildings. Suitable for medium to large sites.
Scalable Systems
Our VA/PA systems can be networked together to deliver the most comprehensive and powerful solution for a wide range of applications. Suitable for large and complex sites.